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Our Nuggets

At Nuggy Buddy we strive to provide the best Chicken nuggets and the best Customer Service. With our preservation process we aim to keep Nuggets preserved forever, with our oldest nugget being over 4 1/2 years old. When it comes to Customer service we want what is best for the nugget community, so we want what is best for you.  With our Customer Satisfaction we provide a new nugget if anything goes wrong with the Preservation of your nugget.

The Nuggy Buddy Shop.

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Why Shop With Us?

Why shop with us...well to begin with, being a small business we love all the support we can get from the nugget community. With every purchase it helps our shop continue to thrive and appreciate creating new Nuggy Buddies for you to see. With each nugget processed by hand we try our best to get your nugget as close to perfection as we can, so they last for a life time.

Where we are located

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Our shop is located in Kalamazoo, Although we don't have a physical shop we process and ship the Nuggets from here

Our Shop