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Safety and Legal Policy

  • As part of Nuggy Buddy we sell Preserved Chicken Nuggets. While they are not edible ANYMORE, after the preservation process. We advise you  DO Not Eat Our Products.

  •        As Part of our Safety and legal policy,  You, "the consumer" agree that by buying our product agree to take full legal responsibility of any action of harm or harm caused by choking on a Nuggy Buddy Chicken Nugget Product.


  • Our Products are intended for Ages 12 and up and should be kept away from any young children and babies. 


  • As part of our preservation process, oils from the nugget can be left over. As a result some animals can still smell through the preservation process. So we advice you "the consumer" to keep any products of Nuggy Buddy away from Pets.


This product is a REAL Chicken Nugget that went through our preservation process.

  • Keep out of reach of young children and babies.
  • Keep out of reach of any Pets