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Chicken Nugget Diorama
Chicken Nugget Diorama
Chicken Nugget Diorama

Nuggy Buddy

Chicken Nugget Diorama

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When it comes to home decor, the Diorama is one of the top favorites for people all around. Have it resting on a shelf or a table as the nugget sits and reads books while enjoying the scent of his freshly plucked flowers.
Wooden base- (Diameter: 2 13/16" Thickness: 5/8")
Glass dome- (Diameter: 3 1/8" Height: 5")
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***This Product is a REAL Chicken Nugget that went through our preservation process***
*** Not all Nuggets are the same shape or size***
*** DO NOT EAT ***
*** Keep Away from young children and pets ***