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Thug Nug Necklace (Gold Speckled Sunglasses)
Thug Nug Necklace (Gold Speckled Sunglasses)

Nuggy Buddy

Thug Nug Necklace (Gold Speckled Sunglasses)

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     Like the Thug Nug, this little nug is blazed out with 24k Gold on the sunglasses to give it that extra bling. When you walk the gold will shine in the eyes of your friends and make them wonder, why are you wearing a chicken nugget... but just remind them, that they are the one without a chicken nugget.
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***This Product is a REAL Chicken Nugget that went through our preservation process***
***Speckled Gold in the sunglasses is Real***
***Gold Chain is not Real Gold***
*** Not all Nuggets are the same shape or size***
*** DO NOT EAT ***
*** Keep Away from young children and pets ***